$65.00 Daily program rate

The daily rate is for participants to attend the program on the day of their choosing. We operate on a month to month commitment. So if one month you want to attend 3 days, but want to change it for the next, just let us know before the next month and your all set. *no hst*

$7.00 Transportation daily

Need a ride to the program? We can help set that up for you. For $3.50 each way we will pick up the participant from door to door. We can also help you set up transportation with Trans Help or Caledon Community Services for a safe ride up to The Birch *no hst*



$130.00 One to one worker

If you are in need of a one to one worker, we can help provide that to. We know some people need a little extra attention, and some parents prefer a one to one worker. The rate is designed to cover the cost of the worker, and not charge extra for the program itself. *no hst*


$40.00 Saturday respite nights

Once a month we provide a respite night for parents to take an opportunity to go out for a night on the town. For the above rate participants can attend from 5:30pm- 9:00pm. Dinner and a movie are provided. Dates are released on a month to month basis.  *no hst*