about the birch

White Birch Special Needs Day Program was established in May 2014 with a grand opening celebration in August 2014. Located in the small town of Palgrave in Caledon on a one acre property the Birch offers a unique setting for all adults with special needs. White Birch has three classrooms designed and set up to enhance the quality of life of individuals with special needs. Each classroom is equipped with computers, tablets, t.v's, books, crafts, etc. You name it we have it.  Our property has plenty of room for participants to enjoy sports, cruise around in their chairs, or simply enjoy the serenity Palgrave has to offer. Close by we are surrounded by beautiful walking trails that we take full advantage of, a soon to be fully accessible park, an equestrian center, Albion Hills Conservation Area and much more. In the classrooms participants will focus on life skills, social skills, and of course having fun. We touch on a little bit of everything to ensure everyone's mind is engaged. Did we mention we also go on trips?

We have a simple motto at The Birch, everyone is accepted and welcomed into our family. Whether you have high needs, low needs, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome or even Cri Du Chat, you are welcomed with open arms, and we will do what is necessary to give the participant the best experience possible. We work closely with parents and family members to ensure all the needs of the participant are met. We operate 5 days a week 8:30 to 3:30 with transportation provided all year around with the exception of Christmas and the first week of August. Participants have the freedom to attend the program as many days a week as they like.  Also if families are looking for a little extra help outside our hours, we do that to.  When someone with special needs graduates from high school, its sometimes a scary thing to find out whats next. That's why White Birch was put together, to make it not scary for the individual and their families. To give them a place they can call home, a place thats safe, secure, engaging, and most importantly a place that belongs to them.